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The star ingredient of GolfNix™ is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), an infection-fighting compound found naturally in the human body. 

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Portable Sizes

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For Families, Players, & Pros

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For Pro Shops & Clubhouses

Sanitize Your Cart

Naturally sanitize your cart and golf cart’s surfaces using the patented HOCL formula. Even better, do it without leaving any sticky residue.

Safely Sanitize Your Skin

Normally you wouldn’t spray a sanitizer on your skin. Yet, our HOCL formula is safe enough to spray on your face!

Sanitize Your Golf Clubs

When was the last time you cleaned your clubs. Now when was the last time you cleaned your clubs with something that was natural?

Deodorize Your Shoes

You golf shoes might be the cause of that smell in your car. The natural germ killing mist of GolfNix™ will help.

Residue Free Clean

You probably have used a “sanitizer” that left you feeling sticky or smelling odd… Never with GolfNix™

Your Dash Is Dirty

Have you cleaned your car’s dashboard lately? A fine mist from GolfNix™ and you will rest easy knowing you stopped the germs in their tracks.

Wheels & Tires Too!

Our revolutionary product cleans a lot more than just your skin. It works great on gently cleaning your wheels and tires.


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